Wedding postponement due to Covid-19 lockdown, this couple commits suicide

There are so many couples who must be willing to their plans to bind the sacred promise of marriage must be delayed. Because the coronavirus pandemic made the Local Government prohibit the existence of associations, especially in large numbers.

Certainly disappointing if the wedding plans that have been carefully prepared and determined by the date, should instead be postponed. Some finally understood, but not a few also did not accept the delay.

As a pair of lovers in the state of Telangana, India, desperate to commit suicide allegedly because of pressure due to their plans for a delayed marriage. For information, Telangana is one of the Regions quarantined by the Government of India.

As reported by the Gulf News page, the bodies of lovers named Pendur Ganesh (22) and Soyam Seethabai (20) were found lying in a rice field in Telangana. According to the same report, the two lovebirds consume pest-killing drinks.

The local police explained that Ganesh, who worked as a farmer, had long had an affair with Soyam. After dating for a long time, they finally decided to get engaged a few months ago.

The plan, the wedding will indeed be held in April 2020. However, both families decided to postpone the wedding, because the local government announces the lockdown rule.

Feel disappointed with the postponement of their wedding, Soyam and Ganesh committed reckless actions with suicide. The couple was found in the middle of rice fields in a lifeless condition, allegedly because of downing an insect repellent.

“Both families said the two couples were taking reckless steps due to the postponement of the marriage. Their bodies were found in the fields. We took his body to the General Hospital in Utnoor for the autopsy process, “said the police officer.

For information, the Indian government implemented the Lockdown rule in the Telangana area since 22 March. Therefore, many wedding plans must be delayed because of this rule.

Just like in Indonesia, the Indian government itself does not actually prohibit weddings, but they only limit the number of people present during the event.

In Indonesia, a wedding can only be attended by a maximum of 10 people, this number includes the headman, marriage guardian and family.

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