Way to avoid cholesterol while consuming crabs

Food originating from the sea, or we are familiar with the term seafood does have its own charm. There are many seafood options, including crab. This one amphibian in fact has tender and savory meat, especially if seasoned with oyster sauce, it must be very tempting.

However, for information consuming excessive amounts of crab meat is also not healthy for the body. Because, all this time the news circulating in the community claims that crab meat can make cholesterol in the body rise sharply. Not only that, there are also claims that the savory crab meat contains quite a lot of fat.

Well, apparently for the second claim is not true, this was revealed by a Clinical Nutritionist Specialist, Dr. Verawati Soedarma.

“In one portion of crab or 85 grams of raw crab meat, there are 84 mg of cholesterol which is still included in daily needs. The saturated fat content is also low so it is safe for people with high cholesterol, “explained Dr Vera to TvOne.

In fact, Crab contains many benefits for the body, rich in omega 3 with DHA type. DHA itself is a healthy content of the eye’s retina. In fact, this omega 3 substance also helps prevent inflammation in the heart that has the potential to cause us to experience serious problems such as stroke.

Doctor Vera continued, the high protein content of 15 grams is also beneficial for fetal growth and development when in the womb. So, true crab meat is very good for consumption by women who are pregnant. It’s just, explained by Dr. Vera that crab preparations with excess salt content should not be consumed in excess as well.

“The addition of salt in crab preparations can risk high blood pressure which triggers swelling in the body. So, pregnant women shouldn’t consume crabs too often, just enough, “she explained.

The same thing applies to normal bodies where excess sodium content from salt can be risky for heart sufferers. Therefore, processing crab meat, so it does not contain a lot of cholesterol is by baking or boiling it, with just a little extra salt.

Penulis: | 28 Desember 2019 | blog