Want to beat Marquez? This is Fabio Quartararo’s message

The 2020 MotoGP season was indeed delayed, but that did not necessarily break the spirit of Fabio Quartararo. The Petronas Yamaha SRT racer even spoke about the championship opportunities.

Rider nicknamed El Diablo has only been through one season in the MotoGP class, but has managed to steal the attention. At the Pre-season Race in Malaysia and Qatar some time ago, he was not only fast but also had a consistent rhythm.

That is, Quartararo seems to be getting ready mentally and physically, especially he has a new ride, YZR-M1. The new ride has a more powerful engine so that it can help the rider catch up with the Ducati and Honda.

Having a good ride, mentally and physically ready, many believe this French rider has the opportunity to be a new challenger to the defending champion, Marc Marquez.

Quartararo is even believed to be in a favorable condition, because Marc Marquez is recovering from a shoulder injury. But Quartararo still considers it a big threat.

For him, everything needs to go well if you want to win over the Honda Rider. But that does not mean Quartararo is pessimistic, he is even ready to defeat anyone.

“If Marc is okay, then I need everything to beat him. Last year we worked really well in all aspects. Maybe we lack experience, which is something we can only achieve in a race. We will work optimally to defeat Marc or anyone who has a chance to win, “he said.

Even so, El Diablo was reluctant to be brag to win the MotoGP this season. It needs more than just hard work to become a world champion. This season is also difficult to guess, it still needs 3 to 4 races to start dreaming of who is the favorite.

“To be a world champion, everything must be perfect, and you must not make mistakes. Trials can be deceiving because riders go through so many laps and you don’t know what they have tasted. I think we have to wait 3-4 races to see who is ahead, “he concluded.

Meanwhile, the first MotoGP series this season is planned to be held at the Jerez Circuit, Spain on 1-3 May 2020.

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