Waiting for taxi, Messi’s wife’s bum shoot goes viral

Antonella Roccuzzo, the wife of a world-class star, Lionel Messi has just produced millions of drooling social media connoisseurs. How come? Antonella Roccuzzo’s sexy butt is so tempting, because it almost stands out all the curves of her body clearly.

This beautiful moment went viral on social media and came up with many negative comments and certainly attracted men. All of these moments began when Antonella Roccuzzo was waiting for a taxi to go to her private house in the city of Barcelona at night.

Interestingly here, Antonella Roccuzzo was seen wearing super tight jeans combined with casual clothes. From that moment it was clearly seen Antonella Roccuzzo’s buttocks from top to bottom clearly even almost transparent.

Many compare that the shape of the beautiful buttocks Antonella Roccuzzo is similar to the shape of Jennifer Lopez’s buttocks and even Kim Kardashian. “Every time we see Lionel Messi’s wife, it feels very beautiful, and she looks pretty without a crown.”

Antonella Roccuzzo with Messi officially married in the 2017 season, at the super magnificent event both spent a lot of money and only invited a few important groups. Currently, Messi is included in the 2019 Ballon d’Or winner category.

In that category, Messi was accompanied by Kylian Mbappe, and his eternal rival, Cristiano Ronaldo. If referring to his appearance this season, Messi is still considered worthy of the world title.

Because Messi successfully delivered Barcelona to the Spanish La Liga champions, Copa Del Rey, and became Europe’s top score. Despite failing to bring Barcelona to the Champions League, but still what has been shown Messi this season is still reasonable enough to be the best.

Now Messi has received the UEFA award as top scorer in a season, now rumors say Messi will enjoy a pre-season holiday with his small family to their usual places of visit, Ibiza, a beautiful beach on the east and west borders of the world.

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