WAGs of former Chelsea player robbed by ‘masked thief’

Girlfriend of a former Chelsea player, Ryan Bertrand, Mari Burch has just experienced a scary event. Where the lover became one of the victims of masked human beings whose needs occurred in front of his house after the London Night Out program.

Mari Burch was forced to hand over a diamond-studded Rolex watch, when she just got out of a taxi at 5.45 am local time. She was forced to give her luxury watch because the perpetrator used sharp weapons.

The witness claimed that the perpetrator had followed the victim since Mari left the British city nightclub. While Ryan Bertrand himself was at home with their two children at the time of the robbery.

After this rapid incident, Mari responded by reporting the incident to the authorities who happened to be close to her house in Cobham.

“She was shocked and depressed by the robbery, even though he was not injured. A woman was robbed at Cobham this morning by an unknown man when she got out of a taxi. No arrests have been made but the investigation continues,” stated by the police.

The robber was allegedly a professional, and they had seen Mari’s movement from the nightclub. With luxury equipment, it is only natural that Mari becomes the target of many criminals. As for this incident, Betrand tried to give enthusiasm to the girlfriend, by often calling her ‘a super woman’.

Penulis: | 23 Februari 2019 | wags