Vocal cord tumor has made this presenter severe depression

Indonesian Presenter Daniel Mananta claimed to have had a benign tumor in his vocal cords, a symptom that made him then had a vacuum to be the show host. Not only that, this former girlfriend of Agnes Monica also had a great feeling of depression.

Daniel Mananta tells that the tumor that grew in his ribbons began with wounds that occurred in the same place. However, due to force myself to work, the benign tumor.

“So it turns out that our vocal cords are like wounds when we scream like wounds. For example, if you force yourself to continue to get injured, for example you keep on beating for a long time to grow meat and the flesh can be a benign tumor like that. When it has become a benign tumor, it has to be like this, “said Daniel in one of the Private Television Reality Show programs.

The disease made him feel so depressed, given the fact that he worked as a presenter who required him to speak louder. For this reason, Daniel Mananta was pessimistic about his chances of being able to work again.

“I’m really scared because yeah I’m the presenter. If for example the presenter has no voice, who am I? I feel like I lost my identity where at night I can’t sleep all day long, I keep worrying, especially you know in the future what I’m going to do, “he added.

Because he did not want to lose his job, Daniel Mananta immediately agreed to undergo surgery. But unfortunately, after the operation the voice had not yet returned.

“I’m operating, but what’s worse after me operating on my voice is still not turning back. I think after the benign tumor disappears it means I will come back again to the entertainment of my voice back. Uh, apparently my voice is not back, “he added.

It was only after a few days later, Daniel Mananta found his voice back even though not like before. Even so, the 38-year-old man still draws close to God for peace.

“Lots of prayers. If I really, really had a lot of prayers, communication continued with God. And finally because of the prayer, I calmed down, “he concluded.

Penulis: | 3 Juli 2020 | blog