Vinales still leave the door open for Ducati

Rejecting Ducati’s offer some time ago was one of the hardest decisions for Maverick Vinales. Because the Italian manufacturer has a tempting offer, and a stunning ride.

Along with the technical problems faced by Yamaha last season, Maverick Vinales was immediately approached by Ducati. In fact, there have been serious discussions, until the matter of salary and the motorbike that he would use if he joined the upcoming 2021 season.

However, the rider nicknamed Top Gun decided to stay at Yamaha. It is believed, in his offer, the Yamaha promised to overcome all technical problems seriously, even guaranteeing a position as the main rider in the Yamaha Energy Monster team next season.

Although not joining Ducati, the 25-year-old rider admitted that he was a little heavy-hearted. The reason is, besides having a good relationship with the manager of the Ducati Team, he is also concerned with the famous Desmodesici mounts.

“My relationship is very good with Davide Tardozzi (Ducati Team Manager). It’s hard to choose a Yamaha or Ducati. Finally I chose Yamaha because I wanted to win the title. I don’t know if I can get a chance to do it in a team other than Yamaha,”

“I think Ducati is very strong. Apart from that, for my racing style, Ducati is very good. Their motorbikes are great, thanks to their aerodynamics. But our Yamaha is also very good, “Vinales said as quoted by Marca.

Yamaha itself actually has a good ride, seen from the results of pre-season trials obtained by Vinales in February through Malaysia and Qatar. No wonder the rider is willing to add a two-year contract at the Japanese manufacturer.

But his career is still long, he is only 25 years old, Vinales did not close the door to join the ducati in the future, or even returned to Suzuki. But now, the focus is to win the joint title with Yamaha.

“Who knows? Maybe I can go back to Suzuki. But for now, I only think about how to win with Yamaha, “concluded the 2013 Moto3 world champion.

Unfortunately, Vinales can now only undergo an independent quarantine, because the competition is being postponed due to the Coronavirus pandemic.


Penulis: | 17 April 2020 | blog