Vidal: “The Madrid’s UCL trophies mostly because of referees”

The Chilean international midfielder, Arturo Vidal has begun to spark the anger of his rival club’s fans, Real Madrid. According to the former Juventus player, if VAR had been applied for a long time, then the number of Real Madrid trophies in the European Champions League would be cut.

As is known, Arturo Vidal has indeed officially joined Barcelona in the summer transfer window this year. Of course, in addition to having to prepare for the competition in the Catalan giants’ first team, Vidal must fully prepare for the competition with rivals Barcelona, ​​especially Real Madrid. The reason is all these teams have been known to have hot rivalries.

If we talk about Real Madrid, Vidal recently expressed an opinion that might provoke the anger of Real Madrid fans. How come? According to the Chilean National team player, Real Madrid often benefited from refereeing decisions in the European Champions League. If only there was VAR technology applied, maybe Real Madrid didn’t get as much UCL trophy now.

“With the VAR, Bayern should get two additional trophies in the Champions League. Meanwhile, the same amount is reduced from Madrid, my favorite title is the Champions League. I learned that Barcelona had won it several times. However, I also want to win it. I want to wipe out all the titles this season, “said Vidal as quoted by the US.

Vidal himself later became known as the anti-Madrid, according to the many comments from him for Los Blancos, who eliminated Bayern twice controversially from the Champions League in the last three seasons.

As is known, Real Madrid is indeed the team with the most UCL trophies in history, a total of 13 trophies won by Los Blancos. Meanwhile, the VAR rules themselves are reportedly being considered by UEFA to be implemented in the European Champions League.

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