Via Vallen Talks About One of Her Ex

Like an ordinary woman, Via Vallen of course has felt hurt during a relationship, and recently she talked about one of her exes who has upset her until now.

Via Vallen is known as a dangdut singer who has been on the rise in recent years, none other than because the songs she sings have always been hits.

Besides having a sweet voice, Via Vallen also has a beautiful face, it’s no wonder that many male artists or singers are rumored to be close to him.

But until now, Via Vallen is known to be single, even though that doesn’t mean she has never had an affair with a man.

In the past, Via Vallen had experiences going out with various types of men, one of which even annoyed the singer until now.

How come? The ex-lover once promised sweetly that he would cut his hand if their relationship ran aground, but in fact the ex’s hand is still intact until now.

“Dear ex … do you remember if, for example, you broke up with me, your hands will also break up, because you have a tattoo of my name on your hand,”

“It turns out that now, your hand is still intact and my name tattoo was just removed and not cut off his hand,” said Via to detikcom.

Not only that, Via Vallen also received news from his friend that the former whose name he kept secret was married with his hands still intact, of course.

“Then I moved, right, I live in Sidoarjo. I was told by my friend, uh, he’s already married blah blah blah. Eh, his hands are still intact or not? (My friend said) why are they intact? Oh, never mind. just deleted it, “said Via Vallen again.

Because of this experience, Via Vallen is now more selective in choosing her boyfriend or partner.

“So, for my friends at home, if for example, your girlfriend said that if we broke up I would die. Already, if you break up with you, she won’t die,” said Via half angrily.

Penulis: | 18 Maret 2021 | blog