Valentino Rossi talks about retirement plans in 2021

Famous Italian rider, Valentino Rossi is believed to be retiring in 2021. However, several reports circulating actually hinted that the 40-year-old figure will still survive in MotoGP.

The rider with the number 46 is certain to be thrown out of the Yamaha Team for MotoGP 2020, after Maverick Vinales and Fabio Quartararo were officially appointed as the mainstay of Japanese manufacturers.

The reason, Yamaha chose to focus on rider regeneration was one of the reasons, because it wanted to stop the superiority of Honda’s success with Marc Marquez as their mainstay.

Statistics also seem to support this assumption, as Rossi only finished at number 7 last season. Riders who are identical with number 46 are not even able to beat Quartararo, who finished fifth.

Regarding this, Valentino Rossi claimed not at all surprised. He had predicted this since the second half of last season.

“What I have predicted will happen since the second half of last season. When Yamaha asked me what I wanted to do, I said I couldn’t answer, “Rossi said as reported by Tuttomoriweb.

Furthermore, Rossi admitted that he would not force himself, if indeed he could not compete again, he would not renew his contract with Yamaha.

“But I do not want to force myself, because if it is not competitive this year, I will not extend the contract,” he added.

Age cannot be fooled, next year Rossi will be even 41 years old. Meanwhile, on the one hand MotoGP is a tough sport.

“MotoGP is very demanding, there are lots of races and little time to rest. When not racing you still have to participate in the event. So, to do this you must have great motivation, “said Rossi.

However, it is possible that he will continue his career next year. What is clear is that the focus of rider number 46 is only to prove himself that he still deserves to be a mainstay.

“The idea is continued. But, I have to prove myself can still race fast with this motorbike, “said Rossi.

Yamaha itself has confirmed that it is ready to continue hiring Valentino Rossi, if the rider decides to retire next year. Whether as a brand ambassador or as a coach of young riders.

Penulis: | 15 Februari 2020 | blog