Valentino Rossi still dilemma with his future

Speculation about the future of Valentino Rossi is still gray, whether the legendary rider will continue racing next season or choose to hang a helmet. The Doctor himself admitted that he was still a dilemma in making decisions.

Starting in the upcoming 2021 season, Valentino Rossi will certainly no longer defend the Tala Fork Manufacturers. His position has been replaced by French driver Fabio Quartararo who has agreed a two-year contract with Yamaha’s Monster Energy Team.

But Yamaha did not just let go of their hands, they invited the Italian Rider to join the Petronas Team if they chose to continue racing next season. It’s just that, on the one hand Rossi has not yet made a decision.

Rossi’s unstable attitude made Team Petronas SRT Principal, Razlan Razali often complain. Because, on the one hand the Yamaha SRT Petronas Team must announce their flagship riders next season in August 2020.

But, Rossi also has a strong reason why he hasn’t made a decision. Given, before the Corona pandemic, Rossi’s initial plan was to evaluate the performance in the first 7-8 series of the season.

If he feels competitive, he will continue his career on the race track. But because the competition was postponed, he had difficulty evaluating his performance.

“My initial plan was very clear, which was to change a few things in my team, then wait until summer to understand whether I could appear more competitive than last year. For me this is crucial. I want to continue, but only if I’m still strong.”

“Unfortunately, with the current situation, I have to make a decision without a race. So, this is more difficult. Now I have to think more, have to understand myself further, do I still have enough strength and motivation, “said the nine-time world champion.

If indeed they decided to continue racing, Rossi did not hesitate to join the Petronas SRT team, because according to him they were very competitive.

“I have a good opportunity to join Petronas, which I feel is a high level team, as evidenced by what they did with Fabio and Franco last year.” He said.

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