Valentino Rossi now is no longer a “danger threat”

Former MotoGP World Champion, Casey Stoner was also concerned to see the current condition of Valentino Rossi. According to him, The Doctor now is not like before anymore which could be a threat to any rider.

The Italian racer has actually stated he still wants to keep racing at least until 2021. This was even reiterated by Rossi even though his place in the Yamaha Energy monster team had been taken over by Fabio Quartararo next season.

Although he could not continue his career with the Yamaha Monster Energy Team, Rossi would join the Yamaha Satellite Team, Petronas SRT.

In fact, The Doctor also feels no objection to defending Petronas Yamaha SRT if it proves to be still competitive in the first five series of 2020, because he will still ride the latest manufacturer’s motorbike.

However, everything becomes increasingly doubtful following the fact that this season’s race must be postponed due to Corona Pandemic. Rossi could not evaluate his performance to make decisions.

This assumption is further supported by Rossi’s recent statement, he claimed to object if he had to decide to keep racing in 2021 when the 2020 season had not yet begun.

Regarding the situation, Casey Stoner also commented. He did not know exactly what Rossi was thinking, but if he really chose to retire, then he had left a great inheritance for this sport.

“I don’t know what’s in Vale’s mind, because it’s impossible to know. But I am sure, if he leaves this sport a little early, maybe he will leave a big inheritance, even though he will always leave a big inheritance, “said Stoner.

Furthermore, Stoner was concerned with Rossi’s current condition, only defended the Satellite team and was no longer a threat like before.

“Right now, he seems to prove himself to be very defeated. The matter of victory, it’s been a long time since he last got it.

He has been defeated by so many riders on the grid, while in the past he has always been a danger and a threat to us, and now much less, “concluded Stoner.

But seeing what The Doctor is experiencing is very reasonable, because he is now 41 years old.

Penulis: | 18 Juni 2020 | blog