Valentino Rossi joins Petronas SRT because of no heavy demands?

Valentino Rossi has the support of Fabio Quartararo to join the Yamaha SRT Petronas Team next season. Because, on the team El Diablo believes The Doctor will not get heavy demands in order to get good results on the track.

Next season, Rossi is certainly no longer a part of the Monster Energy Team. His position was taken over by Fabio Quartararo, the future of the Italian Rider became a mystery. Some claimed he would hang his helmet, but Rossi himself was determined to keep racing.

The 41-year-old man has not yet fully decided, but if he really wants to continue racing, Yamaha is ready to facilitate it in the Yamaha SRT Petronas Team.

While Fabio Quartararo himself has experienced the experience of defending the Japanese manufacturer. According to him, the Yamaha SRT Petronas Team is the right team for The Doctor to undergo the last years before retiring.

“I can say that the team is family. I am a person who at work is 100% focused on what I have to do. If you have to work 10 full hours, no problem. But when I’m done, I can play around until it’s time to go back to work, “Quartararo said.

Of course there is hope from the team that their riders can play races with good performance, it’s just that Quartararo believes Rossi can be more relaxed there.

“That is the combination of professionalism and positive atmosphere that defines our team. I don’t know how a team of manufacturers works, but I doubt they are much more professional than my team now, “said the 21-year-old rider.

Whereas Fabio Quartararo himself next season will be a tandem for the Maverick Vinales Yamaha Monster Energy Team. But the rider was reluctant to keep thinking about that fact, he was fully motivated to achieve the best results at the end of the season.

“Last year, my engine had 500 rpm lower than the others. My motorcycle doesn’t have carbon forks, and gradually I get it. My target is to prove that I really can stick to them tightly, and even in front of them,” he concluded.

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