Valentino Rossi confirms positive for Covid-19, will he absent at the Aragon Grand Prix?

Bad news comes to fans of Valentino Rossi, where they cannot watch the action of the Monster Energy Yamaha Team Rider at the Aragon Grand Prix next week because the idol is infected with the Covid-19 virus.

Rossi actually looked fine during the race at Le Mans last weekend. But as usual, when he returned to Tavullia, Italy the next day, he immediately underwent a routine PCR test.

The test results that just came out the next day even showed that The Doctor did not have the Corona virus. In fact, on Wednesday (14/10), Rossi also felt that he was still in good shape and did not feel any symptoms.

Only the next day, or Thursday (15/10) he felt that his body was not in good condition, fever and aches. As a result, Rider from Italy then contacted the doctor to do another test.

A total of two tests were performed to confirm his condition, where the first test came back negative. It was only in the Standard PCR test or the second test that Rossi was tested positive for the Corona Virus.

Rossi then delivered this bad news through his official statement on Yamaha’s official Twitter account.

“Unfortunately, this morning I woke up and didn’t feel unwell. My bones ached and I had a little fever, so I immediately contacted the doctor who had tested me twice.”

“The results of the ‘fast PCR’ test show a negative sign, like the test I did on Tuesday. But on the second test, the results were sent to me at 16.00, unfortunately positive. ” Rossi said.

Yamaha itself confirmed that their rider had never made physical contact with anyone.

Unfortunately, this condition forces those concerned to be absent from the Aragon GP series on 18 October. He also has the potential to not be able to play at the Teruel GP in the following week.

“I am very sad and angry because I did my best to respect protocol and although the test I took on Tuesday came back negative, I have been in independent isolation since my return from Le Mans.”

“After all, this is the way things are and I can’t do anything to change the situation. Now I will follow the existing medical advice, and I only hope to get better as soon as possible. “He said.

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