Valentino Rossi advised to retire from MotoGP

The Petronas Yamaha SRT Team rider, Valentino Rossi, received advice to hang his helmet or retire from the MotoGP event. The suggestion this time came from Flavio Briatore as manager of Fernando Alonso in F1.

The Doctor, so the nickname for this Italian rider. In February 2021, he will turn 42 years, an age that is no longer young for a racer in the Grand Prix event.

Rossi himself has won 9 World Championships throughout his career so far, next season he has reached an agreement with Yamaha to defend the Satellite team, Petronas SRT.

From what was seen in the 2020 season campaign yesterday, Rossi is still able to compete, but he often gets injured. In fact, his journey last season was disturbed by Covid-19 so that the concerned total had missed 6 series.

Either because of age or other factors, it is clear that Vale’s physique is not what it used to be. However, he is still determined to race in the upcoming 2021 season with the Petronas Yamaha SRT Team.

Regarding this, Flavio Braitore advised Rossi to abandon his intention and immediately have plans to hang his helmet. This is because the sport of MotoGP will be more dangerous for an aged person like Rossi.

“I suggest Vale quit. We want to remember him as a great champion. There are times when age matters. He’s a great rider, wins everything, but there will come a day when you can’t continue.”

“The years go by, and you no longer have the right motivation,” said Briatore as quoted by the GPOne.

Furthermore, Braitore compared Rossi with Veteran footballer, Zlatan Ibrahimovic who played for Italian club AC Milan. Unlike motor racing, football is a sport that is still “safe” to play at an old age.

“At 39 years old, Ibrahimovic is still a competitive player at AC Milan. He is a special case. He has dedicated his whole life to sports, and never fails.”

“But playing football is different from driving on a motorbike at 300 km / hour, skipping corners, and accidents. Soccer players, different from motorbike racers, “he concluded.

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