Unlock the Mansions of Ronaldinho

The Brazilian stellar star of the football game not only accumulated a lot of name and fame in the field but in luxurious real estate too. Ronaldinho, in addition to being a recipient of some prestigious awards, he is also an owner of at least three lavish mansions with extravagant facilities.

Rio de Janeiro Mansion

The top-notch quality building of 1000 sq. meters located in the Barra da Tijuca district is the address for a palatial dwelling owned by Ronaldinho. The mansion has all the luxurious facilities such as a Jacuzzi, sauna, and a massage place besides barbeque area in addition to a fireplace. The mansion also possesses an office.

During the World Cup 2014, the superstar announced that his home is on rental or a room rental at about $15m per night.

Castelldefels Mansion

Just about 20 minutes drive from Barcelona, overlooking the beautiful beaches of Spain is the Castelldefels mansion owned by Ronaldinho. The excellent qualitative furniture adores sprawling living rooms of the mansion. You can have a direct view of the Mediterranean Sea while you are in the swimming pool for relaxation. The silky skinned footballer can enjoy the ocean from a magnificent terrace to mitigate his stress level. There is no dearth of any luxurious facilities in the mansion. The spacious living room and umpteen bedrooms along with some guest rooms, a full-fledged sauna would certainly make the player completely relaxed. The modern touch to the interiors of a mansion would make any occupant comfortable.

Bougival Mansion

Just at a distance of 10 km, West of Paris City is the Bougival suburb, where a plush mansion of the celebrity exists. The location is so enchanting that it attracted many other celebrities like footballer star Neymar and the French actor Gerard Depardieu too. All the luxurious facilities like Turkish sauna along with the complement of other amenities besides a large swimming pool exist in the 11000 sq. ft mansion at Bougival. A stay at this extravagant and luxurious home itself would sooth the body and soul largely.

The price tag of the mansion was USD 16.5 millions when the superstar purchased it as per the newspaper reports.

These are the plush homes where Ronaldinho was staying when he was defending the popular football clubs and have become signature dwellings. Indeed, though Ronaldinho retired from the active football after 20 years of glorious play, he can indulge in comfort and entertainment wherever he feels like.

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