UEFA will take decisive action if Arsenal fans make issue at Europa League Final

Arsenal fans seem to have to really maintain their attitude when attending the Europa League final against Chelsea on Thursday, 30 May 2019. The final with the title of two English Premier League teams will be played at the Baku Olympic Stadium, Azerbaijan.

The aftermath of this hot news emerged when previously the Gunners fans showed a sense of disillusionment with UEFA, which was considered a failure to provide security guarantees to Henrikh Mkhitaryan. The Arsenal midfielder from Armenia was left behind or deliberately left behind for security reasons.

This decision was suspected by the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan. These two countries are bound by the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, a territorial dispute and ethnic conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the Nagorno-Karabakh region which has yet to come to light.

If referring to the case, UEFA should be able to position itself as a figure of football officials, who should be separated from such political problems. So far, the Mkhitaryan issue has been included in the plan to extend the case and claims claiming to be ready to submit to the trial table.

Now all are aimed at preparing for the Europa League Final between Arsenal and Chelsea, UEFA itself has anticipated bad things can happen. If Arsenal fans voice their complaints at the stadium, UEFA will not hesitate to take decisive action. The European continent’s highest football body did not hesitate to give heavy sanctions to them.

The move that was released from UEFA Officials was to anticipate the fluttering of anti-UEFA banners and also listen to songs that might deliberately insult UEFA. If all of that appeared in the final later, then sanctions along with a large fine must be prepared for Arsenal.

Arsenal fans should have learned from the resentment shown by Legia Warsaw, who was fined 70,000 pounds because there was a pig banner wearing a suit with the UEFA logo as a background, as well as the text: does Because football doesn’t matter, money does. Celtic has also been fined 20,000 pounds for the ‘F ** K UEFA’ banner.

When Arsenal decided not to enter the name of Mkhitaryan into the list of players, who will leave for Baku later, news emerged that a number of Arsenal fans had prepared several forms of protest shown to UEFA. Even worse, they are ready to boycott all forms of EUFA cooperation.

Investigated, UEFA had actually established a security system for Mkhitaryan, but Arsenal did not take the risk. Mkhitaryan’s absence in the Arsenal squad could be a big loss. In its target, Arsenal are eyeing as Europa League champions to return to the Champions League next season.

When failing to end the English Premier League in the top four, then the last way to be able to look at the Champions League next season is to come out as Europa League champions. Failure to play in the Champions League will obviously be a big problem, because the target is to build a team, it will be very difficult to seduce world-class star players to dock at the Emirates Stadium.

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