Two players that can deliver Liverpool as the Premier League champion

This season Liverpool successfully proved themselves that their struggle was not in vain, by returning to the Champions League finals and successfully won the championship by beating Tottenham 2-0. Now their target is the English Premier League Champion with a clear effort to be different.

This target makes a former Liverpool player, Stan Collymore open his voice by advising Jurgen Klopp to strengthen his squad for next season, by bring in players like Fernandinho, a former Manchester City player and also a player like Firmino with high power.

In 2018/19 season, they almost won the Premier League with 97 points in the runner-up position. Now despite being a champion, they are certainly not relaxing now. They are considered to be back active in the transfer market this time, to strengthen the depth of the squad.

It is clear that they have not become Premier League champions. Now the true Liverpool squad is strong enough, it’s just that an additional one or two players will further ease their way through the target next season.

Stan Collymore believes Liverpool are still in need of additions in the midfield and attacking lines, so they will be more competitively competing to win the English Premier League trophy, that has not stopped in Anfield’s closet.

“When playing, Klopp needs a midfielder like Fernandinho at Manchester City, he will play at 9.8 / 10 throughout the season. Also a striker who will challenge Roberto Firmino at any time, and some new players to refresh the squad, “said Stan Collymore to the media.

Liverpool claimed to be a team that is able to compete against Manchester City in 2018/19 season. Thus, the next season will be heavier than before. Because the other team will not just do nothing.

Stan Collymore dares to predict that Klopp’s current focus is to strengthen his squad. They almost became champions this season, but still not enough. Liverpool are getting closer to the level of Manchester City or maybe it could be better than the opponent next season.

“Klopp must have thought about the developments that are already underway. Because Manchester City still remain a favorite of many people for the title next season, Klopp has raised his team from a third of the trip to three-quarters of the trip to be a strong team,”

“I don’t really believe that the difference will bring them better, but there is no better chance for Liverpool after being successful in the Champions League,” Stan Collymore concluded.

Investigating, Liverpool are looking for a replacement for Philippe Coutinho, who decided to move to Barcelona with a super-large transfer fund in the summer of 2018.

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