Try this way if kids unmotivated go to school

Studying knowledge from an early age is very necessary, in addition to the future of children, studying is also important for the development of their brains. It’s just that, not a few children who feel lazy when going to school, with various reasons such as drowsiness and so on.

Well, if your child at home is really lazy to go to school, try doing the following things that effectively persuade them to go to school again.

1. Encourage children to talk

Communication is one of the most important things in the family, especially between parents and children. No exception if they are lazy to go to school, first try to talk to them. Ask what makes him not want to go to school, for example there is something that might make your child scared in his school.

We must listen to his explanation in detail without ignoring or belittling. After that, Mother and Father can find a solution. Reassure your child that he can overcome this and everything will be fine. Do not forget to remind them that we as parents will be ready to protect.

2. Give a reward

Gifts are indeed one of the things that child has been waiting for, especially from their parents. Well, lure a gift to your child to want to go to school is also an effective way. No need for large or expensive prizes, just give a simple gift, for example his or her favorite food or the leeway to play gadgets, if they are home from school.

3. Lots of Fun Things in School

It is also very important for parents to emphasize to their children about the many positive and fun things that can be obtained at school. For example making new friends, chatting with friends after class time, or learning the child’s favorite lesson. That way, kid will be excited to go back to school.

Well, those are three ways you can do to motivate children, so they are not lazy to go to school, but we also cannot force the will if your child is not fit, dizzy or tired. Child also cannot be under mental pressure, because it will result in risk trauma.

Penulis: | 2 Januari 2020 | blog