Transfer News: Juventus look forward to an opportunity to buy Neymar Jr

The story of the transfer saga discourse Neymar Jr from Paris Saint-Germain in this year’s summer transfer market began to enter a new phase. After never meeting the meeting point with the potential return to Barcelona, it is believed the 27-year-old Winger began to consider other options, one of which was defending Italian Serie A champion Juventus. Reportedly, the old lady will also look seriously at Neymar’s purchase options.

Actually, Neymar with Paris Saint-Germain did not have any problems, even though there had indeed been an issue of conflict between the ex-Barcelona and several Paris Saint-Germain players, including striker Edinson Cavani. The conflict issue had raised the issue of the departure of Neymar from Les Parisiens in the summer of 2018 ago, but in the end the concerned chose to stay in France.

Even so, the news of his move returned to evaporate in the transfer market this summer, it could even be said that the issue that was heard this time was more convincing than last summer. It is claimed that the Brazilian star is not at home with his life in France, especially following Ligue 1 he had lack of competition and the lack of opportunities for Paris Saint-Germain to win the European title.

Barcelona is believed to be the club that was wanted by Neymar this summer, and the discourse of his return to Camp Nou was so widely heard over the past few weeks. In fact, the player’s desire to return to Barcelona has also been confirmed by a number of parties. It’s just that the main problem now is the lack of budget owned by the Spanish La Liga defending champion to repatriate the player, because Paris Saint-Germain is only willing to release Neymar at 300 million Euros.

With the fact that Barcelona has poured 120 million Euros to buy Griezmann, then of course their budget this summer has diminished. Feeling an agreement with Barcelona is difficult to achieve, Neymar was trusted to start considering other options. This time, the goal is the defending Italian Serie A champions Juventus. This speculation is believed to be true as the presence of Neymar’s father, Neymar Jr, who is also the player’s transfer agent in the city of Turin.

Juventus itself is also believed to be looking seriously at Neymar‘s purchase options, even the Old Lady claimed to be offering Paulo Dybala as part of the offer to Paris Saint-Germain.

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