Transfer Market: AS Monaco ready to welcome Mauro Icardi

The 2019 transfer market has entered the final stage, which will be officially closed this weekend, and specifically for Italian Serie A transfers. One interesting story that is being discussed hotly here is the status of Mauro Icardi, who has not yet got a clarity about which club he will defend in the 2019-2020 season.

The latest transfer market claims if AS Monaco has an interest in accommodating the Argentine-born striker. When dissecting deeper, Icardi has just had a hard time with Inter Milan last season.

External and internal problems adorn Icardi’s career. His quality as a world-class striker is questioned, the reason for the goal scoring instinct disappeared. Proven from 29 goals in the 2017-2018 season to 11 goals in the 2018-2019 season. Not only that, Icardi also had problems with fans and also the club so that his status as captain was removed.

Entering the 2019-2020 season, actually Icardi wants to try to strengthen Inter Milan again. But who would have thought, if his name is claimed not to be included in the club’s plans to sail the Serie A and Champions League this season. So until now not yet known Icardi’s new career will run.

The 2019 transfer market actually adorns the name Icardi with a lot of interest, where there are names of Juventus, Napoli and Sampdoria who are claimed to be willing to accommodate them. However, all of that is just a figment because many people back down.

Juventus themselves finally realize that they still have the figure of Paulo Dybala and do not need a new striker. The stronghold of Naples is still quite satisfied with Arkadiuz’s performance as a central attacker. While Sampdoria is constrained by the amount of salary and the release of the player’s transfer from Inter.

The latest mention is that if there is still an opportunity for Icardi to get minutes to play, many European media claims mention that Monaco is willing to accommodate Icardi on various conditions. Mauro Icardi can move to AS Monaco, who is trying to find a new striker.

Monaco is a good option for the husband of Wanda Nara, in other words Icardi needs regular playing minutes to regain his confidence as a world-class striker. Actually still can stay at Inter because the contract is set aside two more seasons.

However, the situation will be very difficult to see high-paying players and the qualities that inhabit the figure of Icardi deemed inappropriate to be seen from the bench or not seen at all in the Inter squad list.

Can be proven how difficult Icardi’s time with Inter, seen in the 2019 pre-season tour yesterday, Icardi was not involved by Antonio Conte in various trials. In other words, the coach smoothly drove Icardi away.

It is increasingly seen that Inter no longer want the figure of Icardi, where the back number 9 used by the player is given by Romelu Lukaku who was just brought in from Manchester United in the transfer market this season.

Hoping to be an Inter front line liner is also not possible to get Icardi, the article Conte plans to figure Edin Dzeko from AS Roma, as the substitute player of Lukaku.

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