Totti: AS Roma still far behind Juventus

One of the great legends of AS Roma, Francesco Totti, spoke up about the defeat that his team swallowed in last weekend’s 3rd Serie A Giornata match against AC Milan. Totti confirmed that none of the teams wanted such results, and admitted that the AS Roma level was still far behind Juventus.

Juventus have indeed dominated Italy’s Serie A for the last 7 years in a row by winning the Scudetto title. Throughout this period, AS Roma was only able to compete in the top four. Many people believe that the Eusebio di Francesco and the new ammunition this season will be able to present a challenge for the defending champions.

Unfortunately, the fact, they did not start this season well, where of the three giornata, AS Roma were only able to win just two matches and swallow defeat at the 3rd Giornata against AC Milan. Meanwhile, Juventus managed to win three inaugural matches perfectly.

Related to this, Totti admitted that AS Roma was still behind Juventus, especially the Bianconneri level was now increasing with the arrival of a number of brand-new ammunition including Portugal’s mega-star Cristiano Ronaldo.

“None of us expected us to start the season as we are today. It was a special period for us, but we were not allowed to look for scapegoats. All the big teams in the league have had difficulties so far, except for Juventus who have a separate and far-reaching season in the competition.”

“Our goal is between second and fourth place and to qualify from our Champions League group. We must protect Trigoria from all gossip. Eusebio Di Francesco is one of the best around him and he will prove it from time to time: he knows how to get out of this situation, but we need fans’ support,” told Totti to Radio Roma.

Penulis: | 6 September 2018 | blog