Top Trends and Innovations Driving the Jewelry Industry in 2018

Many people in this World take pleasure in spending a serious amount of money when it comes to purchasing the perfect necklace from the most recent collection of a specific Brand; the people we are talking about are the celebrities, and multi-millionaires they have enough money to enter the store of the most pricey jewelry brands in the entire World.  Jewelry is so popular that people of many ages are often surprised by its beauty as well as how fancy and beautiful they match our fashion.

USA women, generally, are often more into getting our perfect pair of earrings complement our beautiful along with perfect necklace from a very fancy and well-known Brand, to show-off in front of our Friends as well as be on top.

The Jewelry Show, where completed products are showcased, is not simply a place for cutting deals, however also an occasion to be amazed by some magnificent pieces fit for the red carpet.

Here we take a look at five of the top Jewelries of this year’s offerings from a line-up of world based jewelers. The Hong-Kong-International-Jewelry-Show, at the Convention & Exhibition Centre, that started on March 1st and ends on March 5th, showcases finished jewelry products, and associated services and technology.

1. Jadmily Jewelry Corporation’s sapphire necklace, valued at US$7.6 million.

Pink and blue diamonds keep on taking record prices at auctions, particularly in larger sizes. Fancy colours are a find and are sought after by collectors and investors. Jadmily Jewelry Corporation’s sapphire necklace, valued at US$7.6 million. A 109.04ct sapphire in rare brilliant colour reflections and fine clarity and 151.39ct diamonds become the first priced jewelry at the Hong Kong International Jewelry Show

2. Foo Hang Jewelry

The jewel: An important diamond ring is Value at: $3.7 million

An 18ct white gold diamond ring with an important 26.86ct round brilliant D colour VVS1, Type IIA diamond. Turn out to be the second most expensive Jewelry in 2018

3. Glamour Fine Jewelry Enterprise

The jewel: Flora

Value: $3.3 million became the 3rd most expensive Jewelry in 2018

This is motivated by the fresh-scents of spring; Flora comprises of rubies plus yellow diamonds, and emeralds. It’s part of a set that also consists of an 18ct white gold diamond necklace with 123 pieces of D-F colour, VVS-VS pear shape and round brilliant diamonds at 56.22ct : $3.3 million

4. Siam Color Gems and Jewelry

The jewel: Lavender jade loop Value at : $1.8 million became the 4th most expensive Jewelry in 2018

This stylish piece weighs 312.95ct with a diameter of 25.34 millimetres and is about 14mm thick.

5. Hong Kong Universal Jewelry

The jewel: 18ct white gold necklace set became the 5th in the list

Value at: $395,000

A set of necklace and pendant, earrings and ring with emeralds and diamonds

All the Jewelry brands mentioned here are the best selling brands in the entire Word. They are also too pricey for an ordinary man to afford, particularly the diamond and platinum jewelry of any of the Jewelry brands.

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