Too “relax” on the plane, this beautiful artist criticized by netizens

Take a relaxing position on the plane is fine to get maximum comfort, especially on long hours of travel. However, it must be remembered, too, too relax can also be fatal, as a Chinese artist recently experienced, where he was heavily criticized by Netizens for being too relax on the plane.

Taking air transportation is still a frightening specter for some parties, even some are forced to be willing to board a plane to shorten their travel time. For the sake of relieving tension or misgivings, passengers will certainly look for the best position. It’s the same as what Mei Ting did.

Please note, Mei Ting is a Chinese artist. He was popular through the film A Time to Remember in 1998. Well, recently May was traveling from Chengdu Shuanliu International Airport in Sinchuan, China. Well, what was done in May in the plane that he was traveling on was then the target of Netizen criticism.

As quoted from Asia One, Mei did something deemed inappropriate for the community’s example. The story is, Mei, who was on the plane, was looking for the most comfortable and comfortable position by raising her legs to the front seat. Seeing this, the passenger next to May did the same thing.

But unexpectedly, the action was apparently perpetuated by a passenger behind them. Interestingly, the photo was then uploaded via the Chinese social media platform, Weibo. The upload was immediately viral. There are more than 110 million people who saw the photo with around 26,000 comments.

Of course, the majority of the comments that came were negative, blaming Mei for feeling that his actions could make young children copy them. Mei raised her voice. Through her Weibo account, Mei apologizes for what she did on the plane.

“I regret and apologize to the public. As a public figure, I feel guilty and regret my actions. I will pay more attention to it in the future, “wrote Mei.

Indeed, the comfortable position we feel is not necessarily polite, so polite must be prioritized yes, not only on the plane, but also in other public places.

Penulis: | 8 Januari 2020 | blog