Too Much Staring At The PC? Get Tips To Care For Your Eyes

People today are going through a flux. The change from books to the iPad and Smartphone has changed the way we get our news, talk and connect to our social contacts, and get information. Staring at the computer is inevitable, there is no getting around it. But, we can avoid damaging our eyes by using some simple home remedies, helpful and something to follow daily.

Things to Do

·         Take a Break: This is difficult to do as tough as ignoring the smile of a cat. Stop staring at the screen after you have sat down in front of it for 20 minutes. Set the timer on your alarm clock for 20 minutes. When it rings, stop looking at your screen and stand up or take a few steps away from your work desk. After a couple of days, you become attuned to the break period and will relax without any conscious effort.

·         Keep the Computer Screen over One Foot Away: People with laptops tend to keep it too close to their face. Doing so gives rise to headaches. The desktop does not pose this problem since you cannot get within one foot of it. If you must use the laptop, try to use a stand so it is at least one foot away.

·         Switch to Regular Glasses: Wearing contact lenses might help you do your work better. But, once or twice a week switch to your routine glasses. This will help to clear your eyes and moisten them.

·         Use Large Fonts and High Contrast: The recommended size of fonts is thrice the smallest size you can see. This is about size 11 or 12 in most of the fonts. Use high contrast so you reduce the strain on your eyes.

Things Not to Do

·         Do Not Rub the Eyes: Rubbing your eyes destroys the minute blood vessels that help bring nourishment to your eyes. It keeps the eyes moist so you get relief when you blink.

·         Avoid Smoking: Smoking destroys fine blood vessels. Try to avoid smoking, have a refreshing fruit drink instead.

·         Set the Computer Brightness Low: A computer screen with extreme brightness can do huge, permanent damage to your eyes. Use moderate settings for the brightness of the screen.

·         Avoid Stressing Your Eye: Reading in a moving vehicle will put a large strain on your eye. Many people read from Smartphone for long periods at night. Make it a point to get regular sleep.

Keep an eye out for warning signals. If you see flashes of bright light when you close your eye, it could be a sign of serious problems. Take breaks more often; check with your eye specialist.

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