Too Much ‘Lecture’, Alex Is Upset With Marc Marquez

LCR Honda Castrol Team racer, Alex Marquez admitted that in his first season in MotoGP yesterday, he was annoyed with his older brother, Marc Marquez for giving too much advice and suggestions.

Sebagai informasi, Alex Marquez merupakan salah satu rider debutan di ajang MotoGP musim 2020 kemarin, usai sebelumnya adik kandung Marc Marquez ini berhasil menjadi juara dunia di ajang Moto2 2019.

For your information, Alex Marquez became one of the debut riders in the 2020 MotoGP season, after previously Marc Marquez’s younger brother managed to become world champion in the 2019 Moto2 event.

Having the status as the younger brother of Marc Marquez who is the defending champion of the competition is certainly not easy for Alex. Sure enough, since the first time he underwent a press conference as a Repsol Honda Team racer, he was always criticized by questions about his brother.

In fact, in almost every press conference session last season, Alex was always asked about his brother. This made Alex feel uncomfortable because he was asked too many questions about his brother. However, he felt it was only natural because of his status.

“If you remember at Aragon’s press conference, I ask you to stop talking about my brother because by then my head had reached its limit.”

“However, it is normal, and this has happened in my life since I entered the world championship. Every interview there is always a question about Marc for me,” said Alex.

This 24-year-old racer admitted that since the first day he took to the MotoGP stage, Marc Marquez always gave advice and advice regarding competition on the track.

Alex even felt annoyed with his brother for continuing to give “lectures” to him. This is because there are many things Marc suggests that he cannot try.

“It’s not all easy, and at some point last season, I had to say to him, ‘Please leave me alone, don’t tell me more things because I still have to process all the things you said before’,” he said.

In his debut season in MotoGP, Alex Marquez immediately joined the Repsol Honda team and met his older brother. Unfortunately, the fracture of the humerus kept Marc Marquez out of action for most of the 2020 season.

Penulis: | 23 Februari 2021 | blog