Too exciting of watching drama, this man suffers eye stroke

Watching drama, especially when the story consists of many episodes is so exciting, sometimes we even forget the time, and forget the situation around. In fact, in reality such habits are very dangerous for the body. As some cases that have happened because of over time watching drama on television or computer screens.

Well, recently, a new case emerged about the habit of watching this drama. Ironically befall a man who is 50 years old. This incident took place in Taiwan, a man is known to have blindness and stroke, because he was too long watching the drama in front of the television at his home.

China Press wrote, a Taiwan neurologist told a story from one of his patients in a television show. He told me that the patient suddenly lost sight in one of his eyes and he began to feel dizzy. He had predicted only experienced vision fatigue, but the fact is that over time, blindness in one eye did not heal.

“He told me that he went straight to the local doctor, the doctor only said that his blindness was due to age, he then got drops. However, a week later, his blindness returned while he was driving and he went to see a doctor again, “said a neurologist, quoted from World of Buzz.

During the examination, the doctor found that one of the patient’s carotid arteries was narrow and the other one was completely blocked, which also caused the patient to have a stroke. So that’s the reason why one of his eyes is blind.

In his explanation, the doctor said that the carotid artery in charge of carrying blood from the heart to the neck also caused the brain to malfunction due to the blockage. Doctors do not say that watching TV for hours directly causes stroke patients, it’s just that research conducted proves that this is true.

Watching television or staring at the computer for too long means that we are also in the same position for a long time, for example sitting. This makes blood circulation slower than usual, and eventually blockage then stroke. It’s best to watch the drama by walking around the house or light exercise like going up and down stairs.

Penulis: | 17 Desember 2019 | blog