Toni Kroos, player who rejected Pep Guardiola’s offer

With the achievements that have been recorded and also the philosophy of play that it carries, it seems difficult for any player to refuse an offer from Pep Guardiola. However, the German midfielder, Toni Kroos in fact had time to refuse seduction from the Spanish manager.

Since its debut in the managerial world in 2008 until now, a total of 25 trophies have been won by Pep Guardiola. The details are 14 trophies with Barcelona, 7 titles when dealing with Bayern Munich, while 4 more trophies during Manchester City.

Apart from his achievements, Pep Guardiola also carries a very interesting and entertaining football philosophy. So it’s no wonder the manager’s presence is a magnet for football stars to move closer to the club he is handling.

In fact, Lionel Messi was rumored to be close to Manchester City if he decided to leave Barcelona. Of course, Pep Guardiola’s presence at the Etihad coach’s seat is the main reason for this issue. Moreover, when the two worked together in Barcelona, the club won 14 championships.

However, this Magnet apparently was not able to attract the hearts of German midfielder, Toni Kroos. He once refused seduction from Pep Guardiola precisely when he was going to join Real Madrid in 2014 ago.

At that time, Kroos was still in Bayern Munich’s costume, while Guardiola’s pep arrived in place of Jupp Heynckess at the end of the season. The player has revealed his plans to move, hearing that Pep then seduces Kroos to stay at the Allianz Arena.

Unfortunately, the coach’s seduction was ignored. Toni Kroos then accepted Real Madrid’s proposal after being redeemed for 25 million Euros in the summer of 2014. The reason Kroos refused the seduction was very simple.

“I like playing for him. Of course, I can renew my contract at Bayern. But I don’t think that’s a good idea if you just want to survive just because of a coach, “said Kross.

However, this did not reduce Kroos’s admiration for Pep Guardiola.

Perception changed thanks to the brilliance of football. Fans are starting to see football and the role of midfielder in a completely different way, he added.

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