Tips to reduce stress before giving birth

If you hear stories from your colleagues, giving birth seems to be the most difficult period for women compared to the 9-month pregnancy period. There are various stories, ranging from pain to post caesarean section. No wonder if women will begin to feel stress before labor. Well, if you are included, here are some tips to reduce stress ahead of giving birth.

1. Get rid of negative thoughts

The emergence of stress, fear, and anxiety in pregnant women is mostly triggered by negative thoughts. So, one way to reduce stress levels before delivery is to reduce negative thoughts that cross the head. Reducing or eliminating negative thoughts can be seen by looking at baby photos that are adorable and smiling, so you will be more excited to go through labor.

2. Calm down

Calm down to reduce stress is very effective, the way is quite easy, including by regulating our breathing. In addition we also need to find a quiet and dim place, then position ourselves to sit up straight. Then, breathe in as deep as possible from the nose and slowly exhale through the mouth. Do a routine while imagining beautiful places like the beach, sunset, sunrise or being in a beautiful waterfall.

3. Equip yourself with various preparations

Pre-trial preparation is very important, prepare what really needs to be prepared such as clothes for your child, drinks or food as an energy booster during childbirth, and the easiest access to the nearest hospital. By preparing for these provisions, you will forget about negative thoughts.

4. Implement a healthy lifestyle

Apart from all that, no less important is to maintain health, avoid bad habits. For example smoking, sleeping too late, eating junk food, or doing heavy work. Instead, you need to get enough rest, eat nutritious food, take blood-boosting tablets if asked by your doctor, and stay active, like doing light exercise.

5. Always check with the doctor

And the last is to regularly check our womb to the doctor, because the doctor is the person who best knows the situation in our stomach. So, stay connected with the obstetrical doctrine that you have entrusted since early pregnancy.

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