Tips to improve your sperm count naturally

Quality and healthy sperm will greatly affect the results of fertilization, where healthy sperm will increase the chances of the woman to conceive.

Indeed, the condition of the uterus also greatly influences the outcome of the fertilization process, but the quality of the man’s sperm holds a big hand.

Well, basically every man has good sperm quality, it’s just that there are several factors that make sperm quality bad and unhealthy. For that, here are some tips that can be done to improve sperm quality.

  1. Maintain body weight

Obesity or overweight is one source of various problems for men and women. Apart from not being confident in appearance, the condition can also trigger many diseases that arise. In fact, sperm quality can also be bad if excess body weight.

So, in essence, it is very important to maintain ideal body weight. Studies show that losing weight can improve sperm quality, mobility, concentration, and health.

Men who really want to have high quality and healthy sperm, so maintaining ideal body weight is recommended.

  1. Exercise regularly

To get a healthier body, not only does it require proper diet and food, but also by exercising. Yes, you can say Exercise is one part of a healthy lifestyle, and sperm quality can also be improved by exercising diligently.

With moderate exercise twice a week is also enough to get good sperm quality.

  1. Take supplements

Consuming supplements can also help men to have healthy sperm. Several types of supplements, including vitamin D, C, and E can maintain male sperm health. Taking 1,000 mg of vitamin C daily can also help sperm concentration and motility.

  1. Avoid Bad Habits

If you have unhealthy bad habits like smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages, using drugs and staying up late, you should abandon them or start reducing them.

Because the bad habits can reduce the quality of our sperm. The same thing applies for women to get a healthy uterus.

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