Timo Werner admits Premier League more difficult than he predicted

Timo Werner has felt the intense competition in the Premier League with Chelsea since the start of this season. From just a few games, he can already draw the conclusion that the Premier League is a very difficult league, more difficult than he thought.

Timo Werner himself was bought by Chelsea in the transfer market last summer through a lot of money, 50 million euros. Obviously, the hope is that German players can immediately hit the mark, becoming a striker who is hungry for goals and can be relied on on the front lines of the Blues.

But, in reality the former RB Leipzig’s performance is still far from expectations, he has only scored four goals in 13 matches in the Premier League so far.

Indeed, there were times when Werner performed brilliantly and put on an impressive performance, but his consistency was far from being expected.

Werner himself understands that high prices will bring great pressure too. The player is feeling the pressure, but not about the high pockets the Blues paid to sign him last summer.

“It doesn’t matter what your price is. There is always a little pressure when you come to join a new club. However, I think I can handle it very well, this is nothing new,”

“The pressure I face is a bit higher than in previous years, but I think a good footballer reaches his best level under pressure. And that’s my plan, I can do really well under pressure,” Werner told Sky Sports.

Furthermore, Timo Werner admits that the Premier League is a tough league, tougher than what he predicted before joining Chelsea.

“The Premier League is a little different from my previous league, it’s harder than I thought. The physical duel here is much more difficult than in Germany, I expected it but not this big,”

“My start to the season was very good, but now after a lot of games, I’m starting to struggle a little. I think it’s difficult when you play once every three days, and at the weekend against a team that has been resting a full week,” he said.

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