Tight competition between Juventus and Inter Milan for Lukaku

Despite eventually joining Inter Milan, Belgian striker Romelu Lukaku admits an offer that is no less interesting than Juventus.

Meanwhile, Inter Milan has actually been interested in Romelu Lukaku since the beginning of the transfer market last summer. Their efforts to get the services of the player even began at the end of last season.

Well, in the midst of these efforts, heard the news of the plunge of Juventus in the hunt for former Everton players.

Speaking of excellence, at that time Juventus were actually superior to get the player’s service. Because, Manchester United as the owner of Lukaku also wants Paulo Dybala, and Bianconneri would not mind making an exchange.

However, in the end the Bianconneri failed to launch their plans. Dybala was reluctant to move to Old Trafford. Inter Milan also managed to hook the service of the 27-year-old player. They spend no less than 75 million Euros to complete the Lukaku transfer.

Although it sounds like a convincing news, but not a few also consider the news to be limited to media writing.

Who would have thought, the fierce competition between Juve and Inter to get Lukaku’s services was indeed true, this was revealed directly by the player.

“Tight, very tight, but my mind is always Inter and also the coach. When I was little, I always saw Adriano, Ronaldo, Christian Vieri, and when Inter came, Conte wanted me since I was at Chelsea and so was Juventus, “he was quoted as saying by Italian Football.

Furthermore, the former Chelsea player spoke up about a training session under the direction of Antonio Conte. According to him, the former Juventus manager was implementing a very tight and hard training session.

“I feel that now is the time to go there and see firsthand. The important thing is to get back in shape. It feels different, here they train very hard. Oh God … ask Ashley Young one day,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, Ashley Young himself has only been Inter Milan manager since the January 2020 winter transfer market yesterday. Just like Lukaku, the English defender was also bought from Manchester United.

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