Tidbits About Marseille And Red Bull Match Of The Europa League

Marseille and the Red Bull Salzburg, two of the teams present in the same qualifying group, will take on each other in the semi finals of Europa League. The Frenchmen and Austrians, both made good comeback wins against RB Leipzig and Lazio respectively.

The Red Bull Salzburg had a memorable night previously in the week. Lagging behind Lazio, 4-2 in the 1st leg, they took the football world and the Italy team by surprise, wining 4-1. On the other hand, Marseille too had their own way of returning to the midst of action. After lagging behind 1-0, they made a turnaround against Leipzig 5-2.

Significant pieces of information regarding Marseille and Red Bull match

The Olympique de Marseille and Red Bull Salzburg are all set to clash with each other on April 27, at Stade Velodrome. Some important facts of the match that will demand your attention are as below.

Both the teams look like tough nuts to crack but Marseille have an edge over Red Bull since they are playing a home match. However, the fact that Red Bull has been showing a consistent, strong performance on the ground cannot be ignored. Still the odds are tilted towards a Marseille win because of their determination and strong will, shown in all the games of the season so far. This is going to be a definite thriller of a match, not to be missed at any cost.

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