Those who believe Tottenham will be the winner of Champions League

It has been running long enough that the title of the complementary team was pinned to Tottenham in the Champions League event. However, there is one figure who is so sure that Tottenham will experience positive changes this season. He is a former 90s Tottenham player, Jermaine Jenas.

Even so sure Tottenham will achieve success in the Champions League, but Jenas has several conditions so that all hope is realized. Tottenham’s move in the Champions League this season is quite good, where they successfully got rid of Dortmund in the round of 16 and Mauricio Pochettino‘s landing squad are preparing to face Manchester City in the quarter-finals later.

Getting rid of Manchester City in the Champions League was very hard, because they were in their best form and are still the only team that has the chance to reach the Quadruple.

The current situation and conditions provide appropriateness to the public who issued Tottenham’s prediction as ‘underdog‘. Apart from all that, Jenas remains confident and believes Tottenham will be able to come out as champions.

“The Champions League title can fall into Tottenham’s hands this season, but they have to answer some big questions if they want to get closer to that achievement,” Jenas opened.

“They are very close to the final and so close to the win, provided they start showing their potential again. If they can return to their original form, they can pursue the Champions League because there is no extraordinary team this season,”

Fighting Manchester City was a big challenge for Tottenham, but Jenas believes they will be a different team in the Champions League. It’s not just a glimpse, but getting rid of Real Madrid and Bayern Munich further strengthens Jenas’s belief that Tottenham will become champions.

“City look like a different team in the Champions League and have conceded a lot of goals. Some big European teams like Real Madrid and Bayern Munich are no longer as strong as before, there is an opportunity for a team like Tottenham to advance,”

“To be able to realize all the hopes that are now, Tottenham must be confident and appear with confidence. Players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi know how and always stand when needed. Now we have to see whether Tottenham players can rise to face the challenge, “closed Jenas.

Penulis: | 9 April 2019 | blog