Thomas and Uber Cup officially been postponed, this Asian countries became the target of criticism

BWF as the French Football Federation finally postponed the Thomas and Uber Cup 2020 titles after many contestants, especially those from Asia, decided to withdraw from the tournament.

Previously, BWF had indeed postponed this competition twice, because it was originally planned to take place in early March.

Several countries, including Indonesia welcomed BWF’s decision to postpone this tournament. However, on the one hand, several criticisms have even emerged, especially from the Danish media, which are planning to host the Thomas and Uber Cup this year.

Criticism also came from one of the Danish badminton legends, Jim Laugesen.

In fact, he asked the BWF to continue to consider the tournament being held, despite the absence of champion countries such as China and Indonesia.

Laugesen seemed irritated by the repeated delays. Moreover, in the aftermath of this decision, a number of other tournaments were also delayed, including the 2020 Danish Open.

BWF itself had explained that most countries in Asia were reluctant to take the risk of traveling to Europe, even though the growth rate for Covid-19 cases had tended to decline.

“The Covid-19 situation in Denmark is a little bit better, but it turns out that this is not enough to convince Asian countries to want to travel far, especially to Europe,” he added.

Interestingly, criticism also came from Asia, to be precise from a former badminton coach, Vimal Kumar. According to him, the decision of Asian countries to withdraw from the Thomas and Uber Cup is a setback for this sport.

“What Asian countries have done is really disappointing. There are no big problems in these countries, they hold local events there, so to be interesting in this way, is a big setback for this sport, “said Vimal Kumar quoted from media.

BWF cannot do much, due to the fact that Indonesia and China are two countries that are always predicted to win every time a badminton competition is held.

Many parties cannot imagine if the Thomas and Uber Cup 2020 were held without the presence of the two countries.

Penulis: | 22 September 2020 | blog