This young La Liga star feel bothered for being compared to Messi

The name of Luka Romero this past month has been a conversation, because he listed himself as the youngest debutant in the history of La Liga Spain with Real Mallorca.

The record was recorded by the user in the match between Real Mallorca against Real Madrid last June. At that time, Luka Romero was only 15 years and 219 day-old.

In fact, the record for the youngest debutant on the stage of the Spanish La Liga was last recorded by Francisco Bao Rodriguez precisely in 1941 ago.

Previously, please note that Luka Lomero joined Real Mallorca since he was 10 years old, precisely in 2015 ago.

That is, after only five years playing for the academy team, the player has immediately got a chance to debut.

Real Mallorca looked confident with the talent the Argentine had, so they dared to speculate on giving him a debut at the age of 15 against Real Madrid.

Despite not scoring goals in the match, Ruka Lomero still managed to attract attention through his slick performance. He then being compared with the Barcelona mega star Lionel Messi.

Messi also began his career in La Liga at a very young age with the Catalan Giants. Coincidentally these two players are both from Argentina.

But, Luka Romero claimed to dislike being compared to Messi, because according to him there was only one Messi. He too was determined to register his own name on this sports history board.

“That bothers me because there is only one Messi. I want to make my own name in football as Luka Romero.” Romero said to Fox Sports.

For information, Luka Romero currently has three nationalities. In other words he can defend Argentina, Mexico and Spain at the international level. However, Romero indicated that he might defend Argentina.

“I can choose, but if Argentina still loves me, I will continue to play there. If possible, I want to play for the Argentine national team.” He said.

Unfortunately, Real Mallorca certainly did not play again on the La Liga stage next season. They were relegated after only finishing 19th in the final standings.

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