This woman almost blind because of hand sanitizers?

Hand Sanitizer is one tool that is needed by the people in the midst of the Coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic.

It is undeniable that Hand Sanitizer helps us to clean bacteria or viruses that might stick to the hands. However, given the liquid used is dominated by chemicals, so we must be careful in using it.

If the liquid is exposed to sensitive areas including the eyes, nose and mouth, it will be dangerous. As experienced by women from Taiwan recently. She almost lost her eye sight, because accidentally hit by Hand Sanitizer.

The story, the woman unconsciously rubbed her hands into the eyes after wearing a hand sanitizer. Her cornea burned, and almost blindness.

As reported by World of Buzz, the woman known as Zhuang initially felt her eyes like dry. She felt no pain or pain, but over time, a sense of pins and needles appeared in the area of ​​her eyes.

She unconsciously rubbed her eyes after using the Hand Sanitizer, her hands were still wet from the liquid from the hand sanitizer. Even though she immediately rinsed her eyes with water, the condition of her eyes still ached.

Feeling anxious about something happening to his eyesight, the woman then headed to the hospital to get proper treatment. When he got there, the cornea of ​​his eyes seemed inflamed. But fortunately his condition improved when given anti-inflammatory cream.

If it does not immediately get the right treatment, it is not impossible that the woman loses her eyesight or blind, because it is careless using the hand sanitizer.

This case shows the importance of being careful and not careless in using Hand Sanitizer. Although this time is very important, but it must also be realized that its use needs attention.

If indeed accidentally about a sensitive area and then feel there is something different, immediately go to the hospital or doctor to get the right treatment.

In addition to using Hand Sanitizer, it is also important to keep washing your hands when you get home. Also pay attention to the items we hold, and do not forget to wear a mask when visiting colleagues or families who are sick.

Penulis: | 16 Maret 2020 | blog