This sexy WAGs leaks the bad side of Alexis Sanchez

Alexis Sanchez became one of the players who felt the failure of Manchester United in the quarter-finals of Champions League. The failure was due to the Red Devils unable to resist the onslaught of Barcelona which was commandeered by Lionel Messi.

Played at Camp Nou Stadium, in a 1-0 aggregate. Manchester United should have been able to avenge the defeat, but unfortunately, Barcelona played better than them with a 4-0 victory. Manchester United’s total loss was 5-0 and Sanchez’s appearance was very bad.

If we dissect Sanchez’s appearance this season, the Chilean player was only able to score two goals and four assists in 23 matches. Now everyone is waiting for a ‘time bomb’ to ensure Sanchez’s future at Old Trafford.

In the midst of the issue of Sanchez’s dismissal from the position of the player, also came hot gossip which was believed to be able to make the player furious. Where a confession came from a sexy Paraguay model named Mirtha Sosa, who claimed Sanchez was a bragging figure or not to be trusted.

Sosa in this case dared to say because she had a close relationship with Sanchez. Her last contact with the player was before the match against Barcelona. Not to stop there, Sosa, who has 96,000 followers on her Instagram, also revealed that Sanchez was dating another woman when he invited her to England.

“He asked for my number. We started chatting and getting to know each other. We have done the video call network several times and I really did it, because I trusted him and his lies,” said Sosa when Sanchez was with Manchester United.

“He sent me a ticket to go to England, but I didn’t leave. I talked to him that I would not leave, I must be treated as someone shown in public. I don’t want to be a girl for a while, I want clarity,”

“I realized that he had a female date, he was a liar. For me, he is a contender. I don’t know how someone can be like that. This is very clear, and all proven,”

One thing that Sosa hate the most from Sanchez was about his possessive. Even worse, Sanchez conducts daily reconnaissance on Sosa and it happens repeatedly.

“He made a video call by calling me for a whole day, he watched me wherever I was, he didn’t let me do anything. My life with him is impossible, I have no life anymore, I live for him. ”

“My love fell on that man, he claimed he didn’t want to know anyone else. What he did to me hurts, I feel broken, and not strong enough to get up again. This happened, and I started writing new sheets. “Sosa closed.

The defeat of Barcelona in the Champions League quarter-finals and certainly knocked out seems to have a negative effect on Manchester United, proven they returned to gain defeat and re-reap a heavy defeat. Where Paul Pogba cs was slaughtered 4-0 by Everton in the English Premier League continued last weekend.

Penulis: | 22 April 2019 | wags