This MU legend admits Liverpool deserved to be Premier League champion

The Corona Virus pandemic indeed threatens the survival of the Premier League competition this season. However, apart from that Manchester United legend, Wayne Rooney admitted that Liverpool deserved to be champions.

The 2019/20 Premier League season was halted in Week 29. The competition authorities agreed to suspend the continuation until the end of April 2020, following the Corona pandemic or COVID-19 which is increasingly becoming rampant.

Initially, the competition will be postponed until early April, but because the situation will not subside, they agreed to postpone until another month or the end of April 2020.

According to Wayne Rooney, the decision was right because now the whole world is facing a serious situation.

“The world is facing something serious and we in football should be no different from other residents. Football is what everyone – especially in England – thinks when they wake up, but now it must be ruled out. This crisis is far greater than our sport. ”

“One thing missing from all announcements last week was the FA’s decision that each club must keep their players at home and not endanger anyone, instead of handing them over to individual clubs to decide. I want to see that,” wrote Rooney in The Times.

Speaking before the competition was suspended, Liverpool still led the standings. The first defeat they took at Wolverhampton headquarters did not necessarily make the Reds falter. They even lead with a 25-point advantage over nearest rivals, Manchester City.

According to Rooney, Jurgen Klopp’s troops are indeed worthy of winning the title this season.

“Liverpool will win the Premier League. [They] are amazing. They have worked hard. They deserve this title,” he said.

As for returning to Corona Pandemic, there is an idea that this season’s Premier League would be better abolished if it is not possible to continue. Rooney did not imagine how disappointed Liverpool had been waiting for 30 years for their first Premier League trophy.

“Can you imagine waiting for 30 years and then being taken like this? The right decision has been made, “he stressed.

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