This lucky British boy playing ball with Messi during summer holiday

Destiny is nobody knows, but what happens when fate brings luck as it has just been experienced by an 11-year-old English boy named Mackenzie O’Neill who gets the impossible opportunity by playing football with Barcelona star, Lionel Messi.

This rare moment happened when O’Neill and family were on a summer vacation in Antigua. When on the beach a famous place in the area, they coincidentally coincide with the holidays being carried out by the Messi family.

At the same time, Messi played football with his son, Thiago. Luckily for O’Neill when there was an old man known as Messi’s father, Jorge approached them and offered to play football with Messi and Thiago.

Do not want to be wasted and O’Neill immediately moved toward Messi and Thiago who was busy playing football. If you dissect who O’Neill really is, then the note explains he is also a soccer player who occupies the goalkeeper post at his club, Faversham Force FC Striker.

O’Neill in a confession said that Messi was a humble and very kind person. Added if the star failed again to deliver Argentina won the 2019 Copa America yesterday it did not at all show an arrogant or arrogant attitude when meeting fans.

“Messi is a very good person. I think he was happy to see me playing with his son and several other boys. He doesn’t act like he owns the place. He just acts like what other people will do, “said O’Neill’s praise for Messi.

Praise does not come out of the mouth of O’Neill, added by the mother O’Neill named Anna, who was very impressed with the meeting. The mother’s testimony was not much different from O’Neill who said that Messi was not an arrogant person.

“Very sweet, it’s a sweet experience. They are just a very normal family. I know this is terrible but I just think, ‘oh here it is, another footballer’, but one million percent he is only interested in his family and that is really so humble. A very beautiful thing for this person to do. “He vacationed with his family,” Anna said.

Indeed Anna is not in place when the beautiful moment occurs, it is known if she was in a hotel room with a toddler aged 14 months. And that’s when O’Neill came suddenly and exclaimed: “My God, Messi is on the beach! I wonder, who is [Messi]? ”

After that moment, Anna also gave an SMS message to her brother while asking who exactly was Messi. Not only that, he also did the same thing by browsing via the internet to be able to get more sharp information related to Messi’s profile.

Until finally Anna found out who Lionel Messi was. Not for long, Anna finally jumped from the hotel bed by rushing to the beach and watching his son play football with the Barcelona superstar and the Argentine national team for about 30 minutes.

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