This lawyer’s career rises to the top after been in a relationship with Piatek

The 2018-2019 season is arguably a good season for the career of Polish national team striker, Krzysztof Piatek. By officially landed to AC Milan at the beginning of last summer, now his name is included in the ranks of the Italian Serie A elite attacker with records of his goals this season.

With a pretty huge transfer fund, Piatek was officially transported by Milan from Genoa. With a record of his goals in this season, Piatek’s name entered into the strong list as the Serie A scoring team. The obvious difference in Piatek’s self, both from lifestyle or even his confidence as a world class player.

The change is a good target for the target media crew in seeking more information about personal matters or anything else in Piatek. One of the most frequently targeted by media is Piatek’s beautiful lover.

Paulina Procyk, a sexy woman who works as a lawyer, was officially dating Piatek when she was 23 years old, and until now many stray accounts to Paulina’s instagram page.

Her status as a lawyer has attracted the attention of the Italian public, and it is known that Paulina’s legal degree was obtained after graduating from Wroclaw University. Now their life have totally changed, and it is known that Paulina finally settled in Italy to support Piatek’s career with Milan.

“I’m proud of the way you work, I don’t know what to say again and you will always work hard to improve yourself day after day. Now your dreams come true. I love you, “Paulina wrote in her personal Instagram account.

From the inauguration of Piatek to Milan until now, the increase in the number of followers of Paulina continues to grow. It is now recorded that the number of followers of the 27-year-old woman has reached 31 thousand, Paulina often displays photos of her ‘intimacy’ with Piatek.

Even more interesting is when uploading Paulina often shows her sexiness. One of the most overrun netizens is sexy photos of Paulina while wearing a bikini. Predicted that Paulina’s career will continue to skyrocket sharply as Piatek’s develops with Milan.

Penulis: | 26 April 2019 | blog, wags