This is the secret sex party which involve elite Premier League stars

The Premier League stage is being rumored to be an unpleasant storm regarding a veiled sex network involving many of England’s best soccer stars. According to some sources, this habit does not release the behavior of players who are married, and are associated with sexual networks in secret.

Interestingly here, this investigation succeeded in expanding so that a new figure emerged that not only involved Premier League stars, it was also known that it involved the world’s top celebrities. When it comes to systems, this network is so organized that it is very difficult to penetrate.

Investigated, this sexual network takes place in luxury places, such as yachts or luxury homes that are specifically rented. It was added here that the agent who often helped was Cinderella Escort, who refused explicitly to divulge the names of clients, who were members of the network.

One satire here is that there are often strange requests from Premier League players. An example of such a request is to conduct a mini drama before engaging in such sexual activities. It is further explained that the players who can join this network must be rich, with a minimum asset of 10 million Pounds, and will be charged a member fee of 30 thousand Pounds per year

This service does not include accompanying women, if interested in this service, an additional fee of 30 thousand Pounds is charged. All these stories are known to have leaked from a Cinderella Escort employee, Ksenia, revealing an interesting experience with European soccer stars.

“I got a soccer player as a customer, which I often see at parties or what I call as the Sugar Daddy. He is a famous soccer player who likes to spoil women. He is a royal person and invites me to fly in a private jet, give big allowance, massage my legs after a long day, “said Ksenia to this player who loves to be praised by women.

“Most of them are very careful, because they are afraid that many people will talk,” this addition is another side of football stars, where they are more afraid than having fun, because the news can destroy their careers, in other words cannot get out of the bird cage.

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