This Is The Reason Why Luis Suarez Get Mad To Barcelona

Atletico Madrid’s mainstay striker, Luis Suarez, finally came out about why he was “kicked” from Camp Nou last summer.

Actually, Luis Suarez’s departure was predicted by some of Spanish media, but there are still so many people who are wondering where the Uruguay attacker will go after leaving the Catalan.

Until in the end, drama ensued, El Pistolero decided to move to one of the rival clubs, Atletico Madrid, of course, on a free transfer or free.

With Los Rojiblancos, who would have thought Luis Suarez appeared classy, ​​where so far he has collected 16 goals in the La Liga event which has made Diego Simeone’s men perch at the top of the standings.

That said, this was evidence to silence the Barcelona officials’ doubts about him in advance. Yes, Suarez said his party was no longer confident in his abilities at the age of 34 years, even though from a statistical point of view, he was only behind Messi.

“What really annoys me is when they tell me that I am old and that I can no longer play at a high level, for a great team. That’s what I don’t like.”

“If I don’t do anything at a club like Barca for three or four seasons, I will understand. However, every year at Barca, I score more than 20 goals per season. I always have good statistics, right behind Leo (Messi), “Suarez told France Football.

Furthermore, Suarez considered that currently Barcelona had changed. He does respect the club’s decision to regenerate the squad, but the former Liverpool man feels he deserves better treatment.

“At Barca, things have changed, the club needs a change. And I accept it. The only thing that bothers me is the way. I think I deserve respect, ”

“It was a decision I couldn’t prevent. I felt like I was no longer relied on, so I proudly told myself that I will continue to show what I value.” he said.

Penulis: | 23 Februari 2021 | blog