This is the reason behind the separation of Pamela Anderson and Rami

The beautiful romance of French footballer, Adil Rami along with a Hollywood actress, Pamela Anderson seems to have to be forced to end, because the woman realizes that the man is committing an affair.

Adil Rami and Pamela Anderson have recorded good times for the past two seasons. But unfortunately, this beautiful story must end recently. Interestingly here, when the break up period, both sides were sarcastic, including Pamela who revealed Adil Rami’s vices, even Pamela dared to call Rami like “a monster”.

This 51-year-old woman felt that everything Rami had done or said was just nonsense. Pamela also felt that Rami suffered from symptoms of a disease called narcissist during his love affair.

Pamela also dared to say that the ex-lover had cheated on her. This sexy woman and an animal lover activist spurred all of Rami’s rottenness on her personal social media account, daring to say all negative things during her relationship with the French man.

“It’s very hard to accept all this, two years have passed, it seems like I lived in a big lie. I was fooled, led to believe that we were in “deep love”?” wrote Pamela on her personal Instagram account.

“It breaks my heart deeper. He lives in two different lives. He is used to joking about other players who have girlfriends in apartments close to their wives. He called the men monsters. Obviously this is bad, because he’s lying,”

“How to live in two women and act like this, I’m sure that he has other. He is a bad monster who does not have a heart, “said the final from Pamela.

A summary of Pamela’s closing posts on her personal Instagram account is to install a background of her romantic photos while still with Rami. Although the accusations continue to flow from his ex-lover, until now there has been no official statement from the former AC Milan defender.

Penulis: | 9 Juli 2019 | wags