This is the most favorite record for Lionel Messi

Mega Star Argentina, Lionel Messi is touted as one of the best players in football history not only based on his achievements, but also a series of records that he has printed so far. However, among the many records, which one does Lionel Messi like the most?

Messi is indeed a special player, he is not only proficient in dribbling, but also scores goals and assists. His goal was also praised for going through an amazingly beautiful process, including through the execution of a free kick. So far 432 goals have been scored by Messi from 466 appearances in La Liga.

In fact, the score made him the player with the most goals in the highest competition in Spain. Obviously this record is very difficult to break, even Ronaldo, who is in second place with 311 goals, is difficult to equal. In addition, Messi also has the most La Liga top scorer records, exactly six times.

He also has broken the record for most goals in the history of the Argentine national team, the second highest goal in the history of the European Champions League. But still, among those records, Messi’s favorite is the Spanish La Liga goal record.

“I think the La Liga goal record is the most important and the most significant. There are many spectacular players in this championship, the best in the world, and being a historic top scorer in this championship, looking at the level of the Spanish league, it feels special,” Lionel Messi told DAZN.

According to Messi, it is the best record he has ever recorded, let alone see the fact that he has more than 15 years of career in la Spanish League. I do not know, whether there will be a player who can break the record or not, but Messi is very happy to be in the history of la Liga.

“I think this is one of the best records I’ve ever made. I have been playing in La Liga for many years. I don’t know if other attackers have been able to survive as long as I do, but this helps me score a lot of goals and for me, it is an honor to be able to enter La Liga history, “he concluded.

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