This is the latest condition of Valentino Rossi after testing positive for Covid-19

Monster Energy Yamaha Team rider, Valentino Rossi recently revealed his latest condition after being infected with the Corona Virus. The Italian racer admitted that his fever had disappeared.

Rossi himself told me that at first he felt unwell ahead of the FP2 GP Aragon last Thursday (15/10) when he woke up in the morning. These conditions forced the rider to not be able to go to Spain.

The nine-time world champion then tested twice, the first result was negative, while the second was positive. Since then, Rossi then had to undergo self-quarantine for 10 days and was confirmed to be absent from the Aragon GP series.

Now, after several days have passed, The Doctor admits that his condition is much better now. There was no fever, dizziness and aches felt by the Italian rider.

“I’m better than two days ago. I’m still a little weak, but no longer have a fever. Actually, I was sick for 1.5 days. But now it’s different. Being able to do activities without headaches feels different,” said Rossi.

During the period of independent isolation, Rossi could only watch the VR46 Academy riders through the screen. His suffering increased to see some of his hero riders find disappointing results.

“I was left speechless after seeing what happened in Moto2 and Moto3. I thought Bez would win, because he had an amazing race. I don’t want to believe the result. I’m really disappointed,” he added.

This situation is considered very difficult for The Doctor, due to the fact that in the 2020 MotoGP season he has failed to finish three times. Not to mention, the person concerned could not go to GP Teruel because he still had to undergo a covid test.

“This is a difficult moment, because I failed to finish three times. It feels sad to have to stay at home, it’s hard to watch on TV.”

“But I really can’t race, I was weak until Saturday. “I think it will be even tougher next week, when my condition is much better but still can’t get back on track,” he concluded.

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