This is the figure of Real Madrid’s future coach, who is he?

Real Madrid is still claimed to be a team that has not been able to get up and find its best playing character, even though it is now under the direction of Zinedine Zidane in the 2019-2020 season. This situation then caused a lot of speculation by changing back the position of the coach seat, and also claimed EL Real had found the figure of a future coach.

The future coach referred to here is Raul Gonzalez. Zinedine Zidane has a good reputation at Real Madrid. He gave many titles to Real Madrid, both as a former player and also coach, by immediately setting a new record on the European stage.

Coming as a new face and considered inexperienced, Zidane proved to answer all these criticisms by winning three Champions League titles to the Santiago Bernabeu. For the local league itself, Zidane is able to give a Spanish La Liga title.

The debut season was fairly successful, and had disappeared and then returned again with a less good status. Where Madrid played mediocre, and the figure of Zidane is considered not major in his team plans this season. One example here is that the recruitment of new players by Zidane has not had a positive impact.

Then the figure of the future coach continues to flow throughout the world, including responses issued by the legend of EL Real, Fernando Hierro, who also assesses the former team already has a prospective future coach. He is Raul Gonzalez, who is known to be deepening coaching as a coach on the Castilla team.
“Raul Gonzalez has everything to become head coach at Real Madrid,” Hierro commented to the media.

If we see further, the figure of Raul Gonzalez still does not have enough experience to immediately become a coach. He only started his career as a coach in 2018 by joining Real Madrid’s U-15 coaching staff.

Luckily for Raul, because he knew Real Madrid closely, and got the chance to become the Castilla team coach this season. So many have considered Raul’s performance so far to be considered sufficient to replace Zidane’s failure at some point in the future.

If you see from the perspective of experience, then back again to the basics of football that all that flows even though all have been carefully prepared. In a sense it can be seen how Zidane’s career from the beginning to the present was born from a lack of experience training outside clubs.

On this basis, why the results of Zidane and Solari, could have been judged by Raul Gonzalez to become the future coach of Real Madrid. What’s more Raul’s figure is extraordinary for the club’s history, and back number 7 could again be a good walk for everyone.

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