This is the current condition of Syekh Ali Jaber, who tested positive for Covid-19

The public was shocked by the news that one of the religious figures, Sheikh Ali Jaber, was infected with the Corona Virus outbreak since the end of last December. The news itself was conveyed directly by the Syekh Ali Jaber Foundation via Instagram.

However, what was no less surprising was the circulation of a photo that Sheikh Ali Jaber was in a critical condition facing his illness.

In the circulating photo, Sheikh Ali Jaber is even seen wearing a breathing apparatus.

The photo was widely circulated on social media and even Arie Untung’s Instagram account also uploaded the photo accompanied by a prayer caption, but it was known that the post had been deleted by Fernita Arie’s husband.

From the information circulating widely through social media, it was explained that Sheikh Ali Jaber’s condition was really critical, even his lungs had burst at the moment. However, this news was immediately denied by the Sheikh Ali Jaber Foundation.

They reported that the Ulama ‘was in a better condition than before, and his condition was quite good. It’s just that, it still takes time to rest and intensive care before you can actually move as usual.

“We report that currently he is still in intensive care at a hospital in Jakarta. His condition is getting better, the medical team conveyed what it is, that his development is quite good and continues to show improvement.”

“However, Syekh Ali still has to take complete rest in a controlled and measured manner, in order to repair and restore some of the physical disturbances that have occurred due to Covid-19,” he explained.

It was also explained that it was true that the photo circulating was a photo of Sheikh Ali Jaber which was taken by one of the nurses without family permission. However, the Foundation said that this incident was a wisdom, because so many people prayed for the cleric.

“His condition was getting better. The medical team conveyed what it is, that the development is quite good and continues to show improvement,” said Abu Aras, as quoted by CNN Indonesia.

Before Sheikh Ali Jaber, there was also Kyai Said Aqil Siradj who was known to have contracted this plague, but now his condition is very healthy.

Penulis: | 5 Januari 2021 | blog