This is the brief history of volleyball

Volleyball is not a sport favored by the majority of Indonesians, but it cannot be denied that volleyball is very entertaining, especially if we play it live.

This sport is divided into two types, including volleyball and beach volleyball. Now, when talking about volleyball, there are still many things that people don’t know about this sport, including its history.

When it was discovered, it turned out that this game was not named volleyball, but mintonette.

This sport was first discovered by a physical education instructor (Director of Physical Education) named William G. Morgan at the YMCA on February 9, 1895, to be precise.

The YMCA itself is an organization dedicated to teaching young people the main teachings of Christianity. The organization was founded 9 years before the Mintonette sport was invented.

William himself was inspired to create the sport of Mintonette, after meeting James Naismith who is known as the creator of basketball. Like James Naismith, William G. Morgan also dedicated his life as a physical education instructor.

Beforehand, please note that William G. Morgan was a graduate of the Springfield College of YMCA.

If you look at the history of basketball, it means that Mintonette’s sport was created four years ago.

When introduced for the first time, Mintonette Sports itself was adopted from a mixture of several types of sports such as basketball, baseball, tennis and handball.

This sport has just changed its name to Mentonette or Volleyball since 1986, or more than 90 years since Mintonette was invented.

Initially, Dr. Luther Hasley Gulick who invited and asked William to demonstrate the game of Mentonette at the Physical Education Campus Stadium of the International Committee of YMCA.

After the demonstration, Willian C. Morgan explained that this sport consists of two teams with five people per team. He also explained that the games that can be played indoors and outdoors are very flexible.

At the same time, the name of Mentonette finally became Volleyball.

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