This is the best time for Napoli to win the Italian Serie A Champions

One of Napoli’s mainstay midfielders, Allan said he was optimistic about the chances of his team in the Italian Serie A 2018/19 season, who was concerned about this is the right time for Partenopei to win the Scudetto trophy after they almost broke Bianconneri’s dominance last season.

Napoli in 2017/18 campaign almost ended Juventus domination in the hunt for the Scudetto title. Under the direction of team’s manager, Maurizio Sarri, they managed to collect 91 points throughout the season, which was a record that was quite remarkable, but unfortunately it was still not enough to finish off Juventus’ dominance that won their 7th Scudetto in a row.

After the campaign ended, Napoli were then abandoned by their manager, Maurizio Sarri who decided to join the Premier League giant, Chelsea. However, the club has brought in a famous coach who has a myriad of successful experiences in Europe, Carlo Ancelotti. The arrival of the former Real Madrid and AC Milan manager was welcomed enthusiastically by Napoli’s players.

Including the midfielder Allan, who believes under the direction of Don Carletto, Partenopei is likely to win the championship trophy at the end of the season.

“We played very well last year, but still was not enough to win the Scudetto. We were disappointed, but we will try again to win something this year. Maybe it will be enough, maybe even more. This year, I will give everything to help the team, it’s time to win something here in Naples.” said Allan to Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli.

Napoli under Carlo Anceotti’s direction did well so far, they managed to score two important wins in their first two Serie A matches this season, against Lazio and AC Milan respectively.

Penulis: | 1 September 2018 | blog